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What It’s Like To Send a Child to College

Sending a child to college for the first time can be a stressful transition for any parent. Even though your child is legally an adult (or almost an adult) by the time they head out on their own, a parent’s worries about health, safety, and happiness don’t end at their child’s 18th birthday, and sending one’s…

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Financial Considerations for Single Women

If you’re divorced or separated, money management will become an important part of your life. While it may be true that money can’t buy or ensure happiness, your ability to manage your finances can play a large role in your financial future, and to a large extent, your ability to live life on your terms.…

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Working in an Essential Position? How to Cope with Coronavirus Stress

The coronavirus crisis has temporarily shuttered entire industries, closing many businesses deemed “non-essential” until the peak of the illness curve has passed. But while some businesses have closed until further notice, others are ramping up production. Healthcare facilities (including nursing homes), grocery stores, delivery and transportation companies, and online retailers are all leaning heavily on their workers,…

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Balancing Working from Home and E-Learning: A Parent’s Guide

Balancing Working from Home and E-Learning: A Parent’s Guide If the coronavirus crisis has led you to recently join the more than 5 million U.S. workers who work from home, you may still be settling into a routine.1 Adding homeschooling (or e-learning) into the mix can introduce additional complications. Fortunately, there are some tried and true tips from…

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7 Tips to Help You Stay Productive at Home

With the rapid spreading of COVID-19, and more and more people either on self-quarantine or practicing social distancing, many of us are working from home.  While working from home definitely has its perks – no commute! – there can also be some challenges when it comes to motivation and productivity.  Here are 7 tips to…

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Cooking With What You Have

We are currently living in a confusing time where most of us cannot leave our homes.  At first, this sounds great, but then you are hit with reality. You, and probably your spouse are working from home, and your kids’ school has canceled until next month, so they are home with you.  The kids are…

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