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What Should Women Entrepreneurs Know About Small Business Grants?

One of the biggest challenges for any new business involves maintaining liquidity and consistent cash flow. Many entrepreneurs take only a minimal salary—if any at all—during the first few years their business operates, choosing instead to sink any profits back into the business. And with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting businesses across the globe, small business…

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Midyear Outlook 2020

AT THE MIDPOINT of 2020, we’re mindful that it’s been an extremely challenging year so far in the United States and around the globe. We’re in the midst of a pandemic that continues to impact all of us, our communities, and our economies. Together we’re looking ahead for new ways to face these challenges and…

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3 Ways for Women to Achieve Financial Independence

For many women, working toward financial independence is more difficult. Obstacles women face include having a longer life expectancy than men which will require more savings for retirement, spending fewer years in the workforce than their male counterparts, and taking leave more often to deal with family matters. On top of all this, many women still struggle with the…

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Remarriage: Altering Your Financial Plan to Meet Your Needs

In previous generations, husband’s traditionally handled the family finances. While this arrangement may have worked well during the husband’s lifetime, the consequences of the wife’s lack of involvement in the family’s finances often became clear after her spouse died. Today, more women are actively directing the outcome of their personal finances, and for good reason.…

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