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Is It Time For Santa?

December has been widely viewed as a strong month for stocks, with this year following suit so far. What many probably don’t realize, however, is the majority of the gains have taken place late in the month. “December has been a good month so far, but can it continue? Turns out, the majority of December’s…

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Manage Risk in Your Portfolio

To most people, “risk” evokes negative images — driving faster than the speed limit, placing bets on “a long shot,” or traveling alone to unfamiliar places. Mention risk in terms of investing and people might think about losing their life’s savings. But in reality, investment risk comes in many forms, and each can affect how…

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Five Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing

As just about every investor knows, it’s not what your investments earn, but what they earn after taxes that counts. After factoring in federal income and capital gains taxes, the alternative minimum tax, and any applicable state and local taxes, your investments’ returns in any given year may be reduced by 40% or more. For…

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Keep Your Head in the Game: Avoiding Mental Errors When You Invest

In the sports world, a mental error can cost your team the big game. When you are investing, a mental error can put your retirement portfolio at risk. Mistakes often result from letting misconceptions and emotions affect your decisions. Successful investing generally requires logic and reasoning. To avoid a fumble, you may want to guard…

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Outlook 2020

Hindsight is 20/20, but finding clarity in future uncertainty can be fuzzy. AT LPL RESEARCH, as we look forward to the year 2020 and a new decade, some key trends and market signals will be important to watch, including progress on U.S.-China trade discussions, an encouraging outlook from corporate America, and continued strength in consumer…

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